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Roxie Portrait

Hear Roxie Speak

Hi, my name is Roxanna Lee, but I'm better known as Roxie.   I was 5 months old when Zepp© walked into my life in November of '96.   And I've been sitting in his lap ever since.   I knew from the second I saw him, that he and I were destined to be together.   He calls me his "Little Angel" yet I can get away with whatever I want to - but I don't.   I am very very well behaved.  In the summer of '98 I started sitting in his lap at the supper table.   I don't beg or reach for food either.   I'm just happy to be in his lap.   I also sleep on his pillow at night.

I'm a very playful 5-pound ball of fur.  I'll play at the drop of your hand even when coming out of a deep sleep.   Another little funny habit I have is biting at Zepp©'s feet as he enters the shower in the master bath.   I just don't want to be away from him.   As he showers, I go lie down on the bed and wait for his return.   As soon as I see he is finished, I kick my feet on the bed to get his attention.   Works every time (hehehe).   I also bite at his feet every time he leaves the house.   I bark, begging him to stay.  It's very hard to be away from him.   Usually every night in the winter I get to go along to Starbucks.   Roxie in yard as puppyZepp© has told me that when I don't go, the employee's ask where I am.   I think I am liked by all.  And I like all people too.   Except for tiny kids that move too fast around me.   One night I was at the bookstore with Zepp© and a small kid was running and yelling in the aisle.   I started growling and barking.   Zepp© silenced me quickly.  The man at the checkout said I was better behaved than most kids in the store.   I am welcome back there at any time.

I really like living here.  I have a big sister and big brother to play with.   Boy do we ever play.  They gang up on me but I can hold my own.   Zepp© usually steps in before I open up a can of WHOOP ASS on them.   Lucky them.!  I am very jealous of Nikki though if my dad pets her, I bite at her to run her off.   I don't bite at the "DUDE" too much though.   Sometimes he loses it and starts to go postal.  But he's still my "Bud".

If I am outside and let in the house and Zepp© is not in my site, I run from room to room in a panic looking for him.   Sometimes he hides on purpose just to see what I do.   It's kind of mean but I am so happy upon finding him that it doesn't matter.

I love chewing on rawhide bones and playing with my toys.   I even play sock tug-of-war with Nikki.   One of these days we're going to get away with a tug-of-war with Redd's panties.   We've only been caught to date.   We give it a try every time Zepp© and Redd are on the bed making funny noises. Roxie in the grass   I think Redd has gotten smart now and keeps them away from us :(.   I guess my favorite toy is my little yellow rubber ducky.   I like tennis balls too, but they are too big for me to grab in my mouth.

I was told that Zepp© and Redd got me to fill the void that "Ginny" left.   Little did they know that I was Heaven sent from her.   I can only hope I have helped fill the emptiness she left behind.

Zepp©'s Note: Little does Roxie know that she has filled the empty spot that Ginger left behind.   She is her own dog and just as much a part of the family as "Ginny" was.   She is just as special in every way.   So loyal and trusting.  She is truly an angel.

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