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Ginger Portrait

Hi, my name is Ginger.   I was the first Pomeranian to join the family and start a trend.   Ever since I joined the family, there have only been "Poms" to follow.   Zepp© and Redd visited the local pet store 3 times before confronting me with a challenge "You bark for us and we'll take you home".   Well, let me tell you, I jumped on that challenge like syrup on pancakes.   And it stuck.  I've been barking like Dino of the Flintstones ever since.   I guess I wanted to make sure they never got rid of me.

Even though I bark and beg, (grandma had a hand in teaching me the finer points of begging) I am a very well behaved dog.   If let out in the front yard, I stay put and don't wander like others in the family.   I don't want to mention names here " < C A S E Y > ", but others do have their bad habits.   I even behave in the car on trips and don't bounce off the windows like, oops, I better not mention names, huh?   I sit very calmly in Zepp©'s lap as we travel.   I only get excited when we pass a Pizza joint and Mr. Gatti's is my favorite.   I just love pizza crust and I'll let you know it too.   I also love the crunchy part of lettuce.   Heck, I like onions, carrots, and jalepeñ peppers.   One time I ate about half a corncob.   Boy was that a mistake.  It took almost 5 days to pass it.   Whew...What a relief it was.

Ginger - Fur Blowing in Wind

Some things I just hate though are taking baths and having my picture taken.   You point a camera at me and I'm outta here.   If you only knew how much Zepp© liked photography, you'd really feel sorry for me.   But I always take the bad with the good and I'm a very happy dog.   Well that is until we go on trips to grandma's house and Zepp© and Redd leave to go in town from there.   I'm so afraid that they might forget me, that I go run and get in the open suitcase thats lying on the floor until they return.   I'm no dummy.  I know they aren't leaving without their luggage.

When I return home from the journey, I run and lick Skeeter like crazy.   He doesn't get to go on trips much.   Sometimes I am so happy to see him that I start humping him like there's no tomorrow.   He really doesn't seem to mind though. He's just happy everyone's home.

Ginger - At Fence

Zepp©'s Note: Ginger was a very special pet for me.   She was my first angel and so very loyal and trustworthy.   She didn't have much to do with strangers - not until she got to know you.   As she got older, she lost her eye site but managed to get around rather well, only bumping into an occasional wall here and there.   She was known in her later years as the miracle dog at the Vet.   She had three major surgeries in her last three years.   Each time we were given the option of putting her down, but we had to give her the chance to fight.   And fight that little angel did.   She always pulled through with flying colors.   I always asked Dr. Woodley how would I be able to tell when her time had come.   He told me I would know, and I trusted him.   For the time came very quickly in March of 1996.   She became very listless and quiet.   I knew it was time.   I called Redd at work that Thursday afternoon, and we took her to the Vet.   She went down in my arms against my chest without letting out a single whimper.   This has to have been one of the hardest things in my life to do.   We have "Ginny's" ashes in a walnut and maple box I made for her.   We coudn't bear the thought of not having her around.   She sits on our mantel with her belongings in the box.   Her collar, tags, and winter shirt that kept her tiny body warm are in the box with her.   Atop the box sits a Pomeranian angel in her memory.   We truly do miss our precious Ginny.

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