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Casey Portrait

WOO WOO, what's happening?  I'm the DUDE.   I know it says my name is Casey, but I hardly ever go by that name.   Zepp© came up with my name one morning as he was backing the car out of the garage.   He was listening to the radio and that song by Joe Walsh was on.   You know the one that says Casey's at bat in it.   Speaking of the radio, OK, I admit it, I use to listen to Stevens and Pruett before they both got canned on KLOL here in Houston.   Yep I was a "GROOVE DAWG"!  I also listen to the BUZZ.

I am one Bad Ass DUDE, and I'm not afraid to let you know it.   Don't you come near my food bowl.  You want to keep both hands, don't you?   Eating is probably about my most favorite thing to do.   Well that and walking.  You grab my leash to go for a walk and you have one happy <wall bouncing> dog on your hands.   Hey, I have to mark my territory and let all the neighbor lady dogs know I'm on the prowl.   I also like to run free though.  It doesn't happen very much :(.   One time Zepp© stopped to talk to one of his friends during a walk.   He wasn't watching and I chewed right through my leash and took off (hehehe).

Casey First Night Home

I just love what cold weather days we have here.   I can stay out all day in the cold.   Hell, I'll even lay out in the yard on a cold drizzling day.   Zepp© and I have one thing in common, HAIR, and lots of it.   Keeps us warm during the winter.  I remember the first time I ever saw snow.   Freaked me out.  I was biting snowflakes in the air.  Boy, was that fun.

About the only thing I don't like are real loud noises.   I go run under the bed and stay put until the coast is clear.   Come the 4th of July, I'm nowhere to be found.   Zepp© has this home entertainment center.  He watches movies and listens to music on it.   Damn, is this guy deaf or what? Every time he puts in a laser disc or DVD with that THX sound at the beginning, its bed time for me, and quick!

Did I mention that I liked to eat?  Oh yea, I did.   One time while I was at Grandpa's house up in the Hill Country, I convinced Grandpa to let me sit in his lap at the supper table after he had finished eating.   I sat there quietly for about ten minutes eyeing this corncob on his plate.   Ginger told me about those things and I wanted to try one for myself.   Well, when Grandpa's attention was focused elsewhere, I grabbed what I thought would be my dessert and dashed off.   I was caught quickly by Redd and till this day I've not been able to get my mouth around one of those things again.

Casey in Backyard Recent

I remember when Zepp© & Redd brought Nikki and Roxie home separately.   I was so excited to have playmates.   That is until I found out that they were staying.   I sulked around the house for about 3 days before accepting them.   I would barely even come into the house, but I got over it quickly.   Roxie and I are Best BUDS.  We play in "Taz Mode" sometimes.   Taz Mode is where I run in circles around the couch and love seat with my butt real low to the ground with Roxie and Nikki chasing me.   That Roxie has really kept me young.   Sometimes Nikki and I gang up on Roxie and play rough.   Zepp© tries to stop us from hurting her; you know how parents can be, don't you?   I think Zepp© is a little over protective at times.   I wouldn't dare hurt my little sister.  I love her and everyone in the family.

Zepp©'s Note: We had a choice between 2 brothers when picking out Casey to be part of the family in January of 1986.   Are we ever glad we chose the "Dude".   He is very funny at times in his little ways.   He is very independent yet warm and loving and acts like a little puppy still.   He gives the best "Sugar".  We love our DUDE!

Update May 3, 2003 --- This morning we had to make the decision to put Casey down so he could go be with all our other pets that have passed. Once again this was a hard choice to make but we knew it was time and it's for the best. He will forever be remembered. He brought so much happiness into our home. One month ago we brought a new member into our home. His name is Harley. We are glad Casey and Harley got a short time together so Casey could pass along his duties as "The Dude"

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